When it comes to your no-till seeder’s performance, there's a crucial component that you shouldn't overlook: the main opener pivot. This pivot connects the row unit to the rock shaft, and if it's loose, it can affect the whole row unit's side-to-side movement. This, in turn, can affect the opening disc angle, which is critical for creating a seed slot at a precise 7-degree angle.

If the main opener pivot is worn, the opening disc angle can narrow, which can also narrow the seed slot and affect how well it closes. So, it's important to measure the play in the pivot and make sure there's no more than a 1/4 inch of side-to-side movement at the rear of the opening disc. This will indicate whether there's too much wear on the pin or the bushings.

It's worth noting that the outer row units of seeders tend to wear faster due to the increased torque on those units when turning. If you're in an area with lots of odd-shaped fields or trees, you'll see more wear on the outer row units. It's crucial to replace the worn pins and the two outer bushings that surround the pin inside the yoke assembly at the front of the row unit to maintain optimal performance.

Don't neglect your no-till seeder's main opener pivot. If you want to achieve a great stand this spring and avoid regrettable yield loss due to lack of maintenance, find your local Precision Planting Premier Dealer at planterexpert.com.

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