Water is one of the most limiting factors in production agriculture. Strip-till allows growers to capture water when it is available and conserve it for later use. This presentation discusses the dry growing season that we are experiencing across the corn belt and how strip-till can help growers overcome some challenges during dry spells.

Unfortunately, we will not have answers for those that are experiencing drought, however, we discuss what to expect from strip-till in a drought environment. We discuss what an ideal strip will look like and how that strip should react to different rainfall events.

  • A good strip should not wash away in heavy rainfall events.
  • A good strip should take in moisture from any rainfall event. 
  • Strip-till should be a storage space for moisture for future use. 

About the Speaker

Mick Goedeken

Mick Goedeken is an Agronomist and product support specialist with Orthman by Unverferth. His many years of agronomic training allow him to teach at many different levels and express his passion for growing crops more efficiently.