10. Strip-Till Highlights: Jan. 17, 2023

This weekly feature of editor picks from around the web included:

  • The Pros & Cons of Interseeding Cover Crops
  • 6 Profit Boosting Tips from Dowdy & Hula
  • Farm Family of the Year Shares Strip-Till Strategies
  • Strip-Till Preparator Debuts in England
  • Iowa Farmer’s Advice for Making Money While You Sleep

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9. Strip-Till Toolbar Setup: What, Why and How

Steve Tesarik has built strip-till rigs for a number of configurations, including 15-, 20-, and 30-inch rows as well as twin-row fields. The veteran strip-tiller who farms corn for silage, soybeans and wheat with his son, Alex, in Whitelaw, Wis., takes pride in making modifications with a purpose and understanding not just the how and what of strip-till toolbar setup, but also the why. See more »

8. Locus AG's CarbonNOW® Carbon Farming Program

The editors of Strip-Till Farmer and Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) met for a live online program demonstration webinar of Locus AG’s CarbonNOW® carbon farming program. View the replay from this January presentation. See more »

7. Concentric Sphere Fertility Feeds High-Yielding Corn All Season

Chris Perkins sees conventional field-wide fertilizer application as wasteful. He urges corn growers to focus on the actual amount of nitrogen required to produce a bushel of corn and apply it where it will do the most good. See more »

6. Transitioning to 20-Inch Strip-Till: An Economic, Efficient Decision

Every farmer has certain aspects of the business that they just click with. Some producers are really into agronomy; some enjoy going deep on the financial side of the business; while for others, it's all about equipment. See more »

5. The “Grandfather” of Strip-Till Talks Transition and Technique

After more than 30 years of strip-till evolution, Hudson, Ill., farmer Rich Follmer reflects on building his first strip-till toolbar, why he started building berms in the fall and the future of the practice. See more »

4. 4 Yield-Boosting Tips from a 300-Bushel Per-Acre Strip-Tiller

Nutrient management, reverse osmosis and pesticide reduction contribute to Iowa strip-tiller Keith Schlapkohl’s quest for consistently increasing corn-on-corn yields. See more »

3. Yetter, Fast Ag Solutions Launching New Strip-Till Bar

"The goal is to offer a production model strip-till machine designed to match 24-row planters and create the ideal seed-growing environment while managing residue and placing liquid or dry fertilizer near the seed," says Andy Thompson, A.O.R. manager for Yetter. See more »

2. Pros & Cons of Coulters, Shanks & Knives

Bill Preller says knives are most prevalent in areas where strip-till evolved from converted anhydrous ammonia applicators and are more typical in central and northern Corn Belt fields. See more »

1. 6 Most Accurate Weed-Identifying Apps

A Michigan State University study found the top 6 apps correctly identified anywhere from 11-67% of weeds. One app came out on top by successfully identifying 67% of 130 plants photographed, including 43% of grassy weeds. See more »