[Video] Guardian Agriculture's Autonomous Electric Drone Sprayer

Introducing the new Guardian SC1, an autonomous, unmanned aerial sprayer from Guardian Agriculture. This all electric machine can carry a 50 gallon payload while covering approximately 40 acres in a day, with minimal downtime due to its battery power. Employing a Swiss army knife approach to drone application, the SC1 can spray a variety of crop types across seasons without being limited like other ground based sprayers.
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[Video] Walkthrough of SMART Seeder MAX's 60-Row, One-Pass No-Till Planter

Canadian company Clean Seed Ag Technologies showcases the new Smart Seeder Max, a no-till one pass precision planter. The blades allow for the cutting action of a coulter, fracturing the soil just enough to allow for seeding and fertilizer placement. The Smart Seeder Max boasts a unique variable rate delivery system, which applies precise rates for up to five different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire no-till drill.
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[Video] Titan International Simplifies Sprayer Tires with Ultimate Flex Technology

Titan International has devised a means to simplify the tire industry with their Ultimate Flex Technology. Rather than manufacture tires for Conventional, IF and VF sizes, the UFT combines all the technologies behind those tires into one tire. The same tire can be set up for whatever need the buyer has, allowing for ease of use and a reduction in inventory space as only one type tire is needed rather than the prior three different applications.
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[Video] Solinftec's Solar-Powered Robots Use AI to Scout Crops, Spot-Spray Weeds

Solinftec introduces their newest AgTech scouting robot, powered by artificial intelligence. The automated machine will scan the crops and record their growth rates, plant health the prevalence of any weeds, collecting all this information to allow the grower to make educated decisions about their fields. The robot is suited for farms around 500 acres in size and works best with several types of row crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, canola and many others.
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[Video] Farming as a Service: Salin 247's Electric Autonomous No-Till Planter

Salin 247 presents their prototype small scale, fully autonomous electric planter. Thanks to its 10kw battery, the planter is capable of running continuously for more than an 1 hour per charge, while reducing compaction and maintaining soil health. While the prototype is a hybrid model allowing for up to 12 hours with its gas generator, the ultimate goal is a fully electric, battery powered planter.
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[Video] Showcasing the New Redball Broadcast Spray Hoods, Trailer Sprayers

Steve Claussen, president of Willmar Fabrication, shows off the new Redball broadcast spray hoods and trailer sprayer for improved wind coverage. The 645T Hooded Trailer Sprayer comes equipped with the new Redball Spray Hood which provides 95% reduction in drift versus an open boom, which improves performance and reduces herbicide resistance development.
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