As we count down the final days of 2016, it’s traditionally a time to reflect on the past year’s successes and challenges. But perhaps more importantly, it’s an opportunity to evaluate future goals and changes.

It’s hard to avoid talk of New Year’s resolutions, and I’m among the many who optimistically jot down a list of objectives, only to see most become distant memories a few weeks into January.

Still, there is value in putting pen to paper and formalizing a plan for improvement — whether it’s personal or professional. Talking with strip-tillers throughout the year, conversations often touched on the down ag economy.

Some mentions were only cursory though, followed by more optimistic remarks about how strip-till practices are helping weather the rollercoaster commodity market.

Overall, the pulse of strip-tillers seems positive heading into 2017, supported by confidence in a cropping system built on efficiency. So what are the priorities for strip-tillers in the coming year?

Our most recent online poll offered several suggestions and it was encouraging to see the majority of respondents plan to update or add equipment to their operation. Some 42% say modifying or purchasing strip-till equipment is their top priority in 2017.

Another 26% plan to incorporate cover crops into their strip-till system, and the same percentage also plan to increase strip-tilled acres in the coming year. Only 5% say they plan to add another strip-tilled crop to their rotation, but you can hear more about this opportunity in our latest Strip-Till Farmer podcast.

Regardless of your objectives in the coming year, our editors and myself wish you a profitable and successful 2017. Share your goals for the coming year with me at (262) 777-2441, or send me an email at