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Guide to Hosting a Pollinator Conservation Field Day Now Available

The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) announced the release of a free, first-of-its-kind curriculum, “A Guide to Conducting a Pollinator Conservation Field Day,” available for download. This new curriculum is designed to provide interactive learning experiences for grades K-8, engaging them in habitat-focused, pollinator-themed activities for the classroom and outdoors.
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Banding vs. Zone Fertility Placement

Broadcasting fertilizer requires mechanical incorporation across the entire field otherwise there can be nitrogen (N) losses to volatility from urea-based fertilizer sources or losses to wind or water. While this method creates a nutrient-rich zone a few inches below the soil surface, application can be non-uniform, and the loss of crop residue increases the soil erosion and concentration risk.
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Keep Soils Armored All Year

Penn State Extension shares how large precipitation events cause the most erosion and can happen anytime of year, reminding us of the importance to protect the soil as much as possible.
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Spotty GPS Signal Requires Backup Marker Use

Mazeppa, Minn., strip-tiller Rod Sommerfield has a very forward-looking view of precision agriculture. He believes the best evolution path is toward smaller, more autonomous machines that will look at the field microenvironment and adjust crop inputs for optimal yield on the spot.
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2014 Speaker Presentations

Strip-Till 101: Things You Need To Consider To Make Strip-Till Work - Jodi DeJong-Hughes - NSTC 2014 Presentation - MP3 Download


Farmers are seeking to reduce soil erosion without hurting crop productivity or damaging profitability. In the case of strip-till, it can provide the benefits of full-width tillage methods, yet provides the soil conservation benefits of no-till that many farmers seek. View

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