UPL announced that the Environmental Protection Agency has granted approval for Imiflex herbicide, the companion herbicide for igrowth the first non-GMO, commercially available herbicide-resistant technology for grain sorghum from Alta Seeds. For the first time, sorghum growers have the ability to control weed pressures during the growing season, giving them the ability to realize the full potential of their sorghum crop.

With the dynamic weed-fighting power of Imiflex herbicide from UPL plus innovative igrowth, growers can now realize the best value for their sorghum investment. Imiflex is the only imidazolinone herbicide certified for pre- or post-emergence applications with the igrowth system. This Group 2 herbicide provides broad-spectrum, residual control of yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarter, pigweed, morningglory, Texas Panicum, crabgrass and foxtail.

“Imiflex is also compatible with other residual herbicides in a full-spectrum weed control program,” says Ryan Bryant-Schlobohm. Field trials show Imiflex exhibits excellent crop safety and can be tank-mixed with other herbicides to support the goal of managing resistant weeds throughout the Sorghum Belt.