In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from other farmers in the past month:

  1. 30 Years of Building Soil Health Undone with 1 Pass
  2. 6 Most Accurate Weed-Identifying Apps
  3. World Record Yielders Randy Dowdy, David Hula Revamp Farming Program
  4. Banding vs. Broadcast: Nutrient Placement Benefits, Techniques & Management
  5. Down Force: Applying Too Much, Too Little and the Right Amount
  6. Why Are My Soybeans Cupping?
  7. Strip-Tillers Out Yield US, No-Till Averages in 2021
  8. 5 Tips For Selling Used Farm Equipment
  9. Ohio Strip-Tiller Opts for High-Tech Planter Setup
  10. [Video] Banding vs. Broadcast: Digging Into the Benefits, Barriers & Breakthroughs

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