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2020 National Cover Crop Summit: Fall Edition

Improving Soil Health Through Diverse Crop Rotations Including Covers

Cronin Farms agronomy manager, Dan Forgey, discusses integrating cover crops into crop rotations during the online National Cover Crop Summit: Fall 2020 Edition.
Diversifying crop rotations can offer significant positive results, improving soil health and boosting biological activity and nutrient cycling. Cronin Farms, a no-till operation based near Gettysburg, S.D., has crop rotations down to a science, including forages and cover crops.
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Jack Zemlicka
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Are You Adjusting Your Strip-Till Acres?

The last few years have prompted some strip-tillers to reevaluate their crop rotation and adjust to the fluctuating commodity market. Talking with a few farmers, they acknowledged making some pre-season planting decisions based in part on the price of corn and soybeans.
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Considerations For Designing Crop Rotations

Historically farmers considered crop rotation a valuable part of their farm management. Crop rotations can be complicated or straightforward. In any given situation there are many factors that each farmer will need to weigh and consider as they find the right crop rotation for them. There are a few guidelines that can help producers with their planning.
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