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The “Grandfather” of Strip-Till Talks Transition and Technique

After more than 30 years of strip-till evolution, Hudson, Ill., farmer Rich Follmer reflects on building his first strip-till toolbar, why he started building berms in the fall and the future of the practice.

Rich Follmer didn’t set out to become a businessman. In the 1980s, the corn and soybean farmer from central Illinois — considered by many to be the grandfather of strip-till — designed and built a system that would allow him to till the ground and plant soybeans simultaneously. 

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7 Tips for Continuous Success with Strip-Tilled Corn-on-Corn

From proper planter setup to split nitrogen applications, Illinois strip-tiller Cade Bushnell shares his experience making more than a decade of continuous strip-tilled corn work.
Strip-tilling continuous corn may sound daunting to many farmers, but Stillman Valley, Ill., strip-tiller Cade Bushnell believes it’s worth the investment of time, energy and strategic planning needed to make it economically worthwhile.
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Strip-Till Conversation

Making the Organic Transition: Consider Rotation & Cover Crop Options

Two strip-tillers talk through the rationale and rewards of adding organic acres to a diverse farm operation.
Organic farming operations are gaining traction as growers explore the economic opportunity in making the transition. Strip-tiller and no-tiller Loran Steinlage, owner of FLOLO Farms in West Union, Iowa, recently sat down with Angela Knuth, who manages Knuth Farms in Mead, Neb.
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