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EPA Withdraws Glyphosate Ruling

The cancelled decision also allows the original review allowing glyphosate use to stand. Growers can continue to use glyphosate for crop management until the final review in 2026.
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Bayer Reports EPA Approval for Pesticide Combo

VT4PROTM Technology will mark the first product that combines the power of the three modes of built-in action in Trecepta Technology, an above-ground pest package for corn that controls insects such as corn earworm and western bean cutworm, along with an RNAi-based mode of action, the latest defense to help manage corn rootworm.

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Corteva to Discontinue Offering Chlorpyrifos

Though the controversial chemical remains legal to use in the U.S., a handful of states have moved to ban it. Now, a major manufacturer has decided to discontinue manufacturing it in the face of diminishing sales.
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EPA Registers Enlist Duo Herbicide

The EPA is registering the herbicide Enlist Duo from Dow AgroSciences with first-time-ever restrictions to manage the problem of resistant weeds.
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Suggestions For Reducing Spray Drift And Impact to Sensitive Areas

Along with the cool spring and slow start to the growing season, there have been many days with windy conditions. Keep in mind the objectives of any spray application are to balance productivity, efficacy, and prevent off-site movement of pesticides. In some situations, this can be easier said than done. Below are several things to consider to help reduce particle (not necessarily, vapor) spray drift.
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Accurately Measuring Pesticides Requires Correct Calibrations

Last summer, Fred Whitford from Purdue University and Pat Hipkins from Virginia Tech conducted a presentation on the various aspects of accurately measuring pesticides. In the presentation, the two identified six important steps required to achieve a safe and effective pesticide application.
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