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Conquering Stubborn Soils and Residue with a Switch to Strip-Till

Seeding and fertilizing experimentation enables Nebraska farmers to better manage residue, convert poor fields into pivotal performers.
Conventional wisdom is overrated for Nickerson, Neb., farmers Kirk Brand and Brent Willnerd, especially when it comes to getting the most out of their 2,600-acre corn and soybean operation.
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Harvesting High-Yield Corn with Strip-Till

Moving from ridge-till to strip-till helps Steve Frahm get the most from his soil and push corn yields to near 250 bushels per acre.
As Steve Frahm began adding acreage to his irrigated Ashland, Neb., farm more than a decade ago, one mounting challenge was finding the time and labor to continue ridge-tilling.
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Fertilizing Experiments Yield Strip-Till Savings and Profit

Michigan strip-tiller Ryan Groholske’s move to spring strip-till has helped cut potassium application rates and improved soybean yields.
Farming 1,800 acres in south central Michigan, Ryan Groholske is accustomed to navigating rocky — though fertile — ground. Through long-term no-till practices, he’s been able to elevate organic matter content on some sandier soils to as much as 5%, while also creating a thriving habitat for earthworms.
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Fighting Compaction with Strip-Till and a Controlled Traffic System

A move to strip-till by Ray and Dave Delhotal, has helped them better time fertilizer applications and improve soil health on their central Illinois operation
Over the five generations the Delhotal family has farmed in West Brooklyn, Ill., it's been important for them to produce high quality crops while caring for the land in an environmentally sustainable way.
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Fall Fertilization For The 2014 Crop

Corn and soybean harvest continues to move along in Illinois, and as the 2013 crops come off, thoughts turn to fall fertilization. In this article we'll discuss nutrients other than nitrogen. This will be followed soon by an article on nitrogen.
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[Video] Banding P and K with Fall Strip Tillage

Paul and Mike Schweitzer, who farm near Malta, Illinois, band phosphorous and potash with their strip tillage unit using precision farming equipment. They band-apply variable-rate phosphorous and potassium with their fall strip-till pass with an 8-row Orthman 1tRIPr strip-till rig.
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