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Strip-Till Cracks Yield Cap in Staunch No-Till Country

Western Kentucky growers find strip-till adds bushels in the bin and dollars to the bottom line where no-till had reached a corn-yield plateau.
No-till farming became a way of life early in the rolling hills of western Kentucky. Growers there, eager to protect their fragile soils, began to adopt the practice pioneered by local farmer Harry Young, who planted his first no-till crop in 1962.
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Dealer Facilitates Rise of Strip-Till in Western Kentucky

H&R Agri-Power’s Jeff Morgan rented strip-till equipment, lent a strip-till rig and fertilizer cart to a local crop consultant and collaborated with input dealers to help customers adopt strip-till.
In the staunch no-till country of western Kentucky, a group of dealers and their customers are working together to crack yield caps through the adoption of strip-till.
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Does Strip-Till Make Economic Sense for Your Operation?

Simple strip-till feasibility calculator helps farmers determine strip-till’s potential to pay off for their operations.

In a world with skyrocketing fertilizer prices, strip-till is an attractive option for farmers looking to decrease their input costs. But making strip-till work requires a lot more than buying fewer inputs and dragging a new piece of equipment through the field.

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