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Strip-Till Catching on for Silage Corn in California

Through a new strip-till test drive program, California dairy farmers are seeing a huge time, fuel and labor savings with strip-tillage on their silage corn.
Riverdale, Calif., dairy farmer, Stephan Brown was a bit hesitant to try strip-till at first. He’d initially come across the practice at a University of California extension field day he attended over a decade ago and wasn’t impressed.
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7 Tips for Ideal Fertilizer Placement in a Strip-Till System

Farmers and equipment manufacturers weigh in on the best times, seasons, products and strategies for developing a successful strip-till fertility program.
From depth, timing and rate to season, product and method, strip-tillers always seem to be on the hunt for new strategies to improve their fertilizer and nutrient application programs. Strip-tillage already offers advantageous placement in the root zone, but there are still many decisions for a farmer to make when he takes to the field.
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Successfully Working Unforgiving Soils with Strip-till and Cover Crops

Shifting to strip-till, banded fertilizer and cover cropping has led Missouri farmer Gary Wolf to increase yields in tough soils.
Gary Wolf likes to look for cues in the environment to help guide his farming practices. He knew it was time to start thinking seriously about water conservation practices when armadillos started showing up for the first time ever on his 500-acre farm near Verona, Mo.
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Early Strip-Till Returns Encourage Experimentation

After early success with strip-tilled corn, Delaware farmer Brad Ritter began developing a strategy to strip-till black-eyed peas with surprising results.
Harbeson, Del., farmer Brad Ritter, converted from no-till to strip-till on his 1,000-acre family farm. He’d long thought that no-till was the most logical method of farming his sandy soil, but he lamented the idea that a portion of his broadcasted fertilizer probably ran off to the Delaware Bay, rather than into the root zone of his crops.
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Starting Out in Strip-Till

An Innovative Strip-Till System Can Overcome Climate, Soil Challenges

Minnesota farmer Lance Petersen shares how he shed his strip-till training wheels by improvising equipment solutions to accommodate his sandy loam soils.
Lance Petersen and his father Chuck have only been strip-tilling on their 750 acre farm in Rush City, Minn., since 2011, but they’ve already seen the practice weather the best and worst conditions they can imagine.
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3 Strip-Tilling Tips From a ‘Regenerative Agriculturist’

Minnesota farmer Rod Sommerfield has found a great ally in strip-till as he works to return his farm’s soils to the nutrient level and health they saw 150 years ago.

One thing Mazeppa, Minn., strip-tiller and no-tiller Rod Sommerfield isn't short on is ambition. As a strong proponent of regenerative agriculture, his hopes for the future of the farm that's been in his family since 1892 are bold. Rod and his son Rick now manage the farm, and they've zeroed in on a goal to ramp down inputs.

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